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BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Elysium by JJ Harper

Title: Elysium

Series: Reunion Series #3

Author: JJ Harper

Genre: M/M Romance

Release Date: June 16, 2016


With Nico by his side, Ryan says goodbye to his old life and moves away, leaving his job and his hometown behind him.

Ready for a fresh new start together, Ryan and Nico settle down into a slower and easier lifestyle and life becomes as perfect as they could wish for.

When Ryan is unexpectedly reminded of the life he happily walked away from, his world is turned upside down when he gets notice of news that he never expected to hear. Ryan is tormented by what is being asked of him; the very thing he was promised would never be asked of him again.

A man Nico once knew returns, and Nico wishes he'd never caught up with Lyle. His ploy to keep Lyle away from Ryan fails and Lyle tells all about his previous connection to Nico. Ryan takes off, leaving no clues as to where he's gone and Nico is devastated believing that Ryan has left him.

When Ryan finally returns home; so does his past and he is forced to visit an old friend. But things are not what they seem and Ryan must fight as hard as he can to keep himself safe.

Maybe the perfect life with a happy ever after just isn't in the cards for Ryan and Nico after all.

Reading this may seriously raise you blood pressure, contains lots of hot scenes of sex between two men and has strong language throughout

This book is intended for 18+ readers.

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

 At the end of the second book we've left Nico & Ryan moving from their hometown to have a fresh start in another place. They are happy to leave behind all the bad experiences and memories.
They've gone through hell and back and their love has stayed strong more then ever.
"with Ryan here with me now I feel I'm where I'm supposed to be." - Nico
All seems really perfect. But have you ever experienced the feeling when things are so perfetcs that you start thinking something is wrong, that something bad is about to happen? Well,there you go!
The past is always chasing them trying to steal away their happiness. They have promised each other no more secrets, but something hasn't been told, yet.
A nasty guy from Nico's past reveals to Ryan they've had an "affair" making Ryan believe that it was more than a casual encounter. Ryan freaks out and runs away. But, as a character, Ryan has grown up from the previous two books, and this time he comes back to Nico, hurt but ready to know the truth, and fight for their love. I think his decision is also guided by the fact the he's hiding something from Nico, too. His past in the Army is calling him back to save his buddy for the second time . 
Ryan has saved him in Afghanistan and now he has to save him from a dangerous lie and dengerous people, a lie that can cost them their lives.
I really liked the scenes where Ryan reveals to Nico the truth about the ambush in Afghanistan that killed Ryan's crew, and the operation set up to save Ben. So well written and engaging, they kept me glued to the book. I'd have loved to see some more action.
And between romance, laughters, tears and mistery, there is great, super hot sex. For Ryan and Nico every moment or situation is good to have sex... maybe too much. Don't get me wrong, I love them, they really make me hot, but the book could have been great even with less sex scenes, giving more space to the mistery plot (JJ I think you could write a good military book).  
In this book there are some secodary intriguing characters that can be really good "material" for some new books or new series, as Troy (I'm in love with this boy!), Lucas and Ben. 
Elysium is the end of this great, hot series. I've fallen in love with my boys since page 1 of book 1. They have taken me through the journey of their love, not easy, not perfetc, but worth it... OMG the epilogue made me cry in happiness. 
"You are my heaven Nico, my nirvana, my Elysium" - Ryan
Nico & Ryan's story is about so many things, good and bad, full of emotions, a love that has stood the test of time.
I will really miss My Boys, but I think JJ Haper will reward her readers with more amzing books!!

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