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REVIEW: Stuck Landing by Lauren Gallagher

TITLE: Stuck Landing

AUTHOR: Lauren Gallagher

SERIES: Bluewater Bay #11

GENRE: F/F Contemporary Romance

PUBLICATION: December 14th 2015 by Riptide Publishing


For months, acclaimed Wolf’s Landing director/producer Anna Maxwell has been nursing a crush on Natalya Izmaylova, a former Russian gymnast and current Wolf’s Landing stunt coordinator. When Anna witnesses Natalya's very public breakup with her boyfriend, she can't resist inviting her over for drinks to commiserate about love and all that nonsense. Commiseration doesn't last long, and soon Anna's in bed with the hottest woman she's ever touched, living out fantasies she didn't even know she had.

Despite the amazing sex, Anna wants to proceed with caution. They're both newly single. They're colleagues. And there's the not-so-small matter of Anna’s biphobia.

Natalya won't commit to someone who clings to ridiculous stereotypes, but they can't avoid each other at work, and there's no ignoring their chemistry. Anna's defenses are slowly eroding, and Natalya is willing to give her another chance. But Natalya only has so much patience, and even scorching hot sex won't keep her coming back forever. If Anna doesn't come to her senses soon and let go of her prejudices -- not to mention her insecurities -- she's going to lose the woman of her dreams.

Book received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I’ve requested this book because I wanted to read a new F/F Romance. Only at the end I found out that this book is part of a long series written by different authors. So I’ve read it without any expectation.
I loved the writing and the first person narration, and the setting of the story is attractive, but I just can't get into the characters.
Anna, the director/producer, has a crash on the beautiful Natalya, the stunt coordinator. When they finally have the chance to get together, Anna is always overthinking about the fact that Natalya is bisexual. She is so boring that if I was Natalya sometimes I would have slapped her.
The book is enjoyable, nothing amazing. I had the feeling that the focus was on Anna biphobia and not on the story between Anna and Natalya.
I liked more the side characters like Levie and Carter.
As the previous books are M/M, and most of them written by my favorite authors, I’ll start the series from the beginning.

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  1. I didn't really like this one either.. I know what you mean, I was bored with Anna and in the end I didn't even finish the book.. I LOVED a lot of the books in this series, I've read all of them I think (maybe there is one more, I'm not sure). I think it's a nice series and I enjoy reading my favorite authors and getting a little bit from ones I don't know but in a way I think, after 16 (?) books it should find it's way to closure.