venerdì 13 maggio 2016

REVIEW: Feast On Me by Terri George

   TITLE: Feast On Me

   AUTHOR: Terri George

   PUBLICATION: Published May 8th 2016 by Terri George

   MY RATING: 5 Stars 

Dominant husband - Submissive wife.
Hot Sex is guaranteed, but there's Love and Romance too in their perfect marriage.
They are happy.
There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her.
There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Even agreeing to the ultimate test of her love.
But will they survive it?

Erotic, enticing, kinky and too short. I read, devoured, this story in less then an hour. An exciting experience that left me... breathless and hot. But under the cover of kinky sex there is an intense love story, not only a wife/husband relationship, but the deep connection that only a Dom/Sub can truly have. This short story has potential, and I can see it as a great Erotic (why not BDSM?) novel. I hope the author will pursue the idea of giving us all Jessica and David story.
BTW Terri, why I'm not surprised you named the alpha man after THE DAVID, the Sexy, Cady Gandy? (you're a naughty girl!)

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