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RELEASE DAY BLAST+REVIEW: Patrick's Promise by Gloria Herrmann

TITLE: Patrick's Promise

AUTHOR: Gloria Herrmann

SERIES: The Cloverleaf Series #3

PUBLICATION: April 5, 2016 Limitless Publishing LLC


Promises are meant to be kept—but Patrick O’Brien is too numb with grief…
Patrick hasn’t been able to move past the loss of his wife, who died while delivering his twin boys—Finn and Connor. While life continues around him, he is left in a state of emotional suspension, unable to honor his final vow to his wife and move on after she is gone.

Faking it only goes so far…

Always known as the moody older brother, Patrick maintains his distance from his overbearing but loving family. He’s barely coping, but still finds a way to be the best father he can to his sons.

Amber Miller returns home and finds more than the small town she left behind…

With her son in tow, Amber reluctantly returns to Birch Valley when her parents ask for help. Their well-known diner, Herrick’s, is a staple in the community. But more than that, her father is ill, and they need the extra set of hands to keep the place going.

Lonely hearts attract…

When Patrick and Amber cross paths, their instant attraction catches both off guard. Working through their own kinds of grief, the two must figure out what they want for their future—even if it’s not each other.

Losing someone you love is devastating, but learning to love again comes with its own challenges.

Is he strong enough to risk his heart? Or will running from love be the ultimate betrayal of Patrick’s Promise?

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review 

I was anxiously waiting to read this book. Patrick is my favorite O’Brien, and I’ve dreamt for him a special story. And Gloria Herrmann hasn’t disappointed me. She has written for Patrick the sweetest, the best and the perfect story.

Patrick is a widower. His wife Beth died, leaving him to raise their twins, Finn and Connor. From her death, he has built a wall around his heart, shutting down even his own family. The only thing that keeps him going on are his twins. What he doesn’t expect is to find love again.

Amber is a widow. Her husband, a cop, has been killed leaving her alone with his twelve years old son, Dylan. A family emergency brings them back to Birch Valley. What she doesn’t expect is to find love again.

Will Amber and Patrick be able to overcome their fears, insecurities and pain, and have a second chance to live and love?

This book is beautiful, sweet, and moving. At the end of it I had to restock my Kleenex for the tears I cried. The emotions, the feelings of grieving their loss are not dramatic, but not even sugarcoated, they are simply real. I instantly connected with Amber and Patrick, knowing very well how it feels to lose someone so close to your heart.
Death and grief were not easy; whether it was expected or sudden, moving on and coping proved to be almost more challenging.”
Patrick reacted to his wife death withdrawing into himself. Looking at his brother Liam and his sister Maggie so happy and with babies on the way is painful for him, but what I loved about him is that he is not jealous in a bad way, or angry or resentful. Sometimes his feelings are shaken for the sudden memories of his past. And he’s handsome as much as stubborn and in some situation a jerk. His favorite sentence is: “Don't stick your nose in my business.” I would have slept him on the head when he argued with Maggie and Daniel.

Amber is a sweet character. She’s a loving and caring mother and daughter. The loss of his husband has left her empty and the only way to find solace is to write in her blog and ride her bicycle. Her journal is her relief valve and her bicycle helps her to keep her mind clear.
I liked how Amber and Patrick’s relationship grows. Between the two there is an undeniable chemistry, but they are willing to give one another the needed space to process their emotions. And Patrick, when sex with Amber is involved, has surprised me. 
Another aspect I’ve loved so much of this book is how the author describes Birch Valley. The descriptions are so vivid and real that I could see the blue sky, the mountains, and even smell the air before a storm or in the summer nights. I can figure me riding a bicycle on the streets of Birch Valley with Amber. Delightful!

Even if the focus is on Patrick and Amber’s story, there is another side story that has great relevance: Liam and Rachel marriage. Here we meet again with Chelsea, Rachel's best friend. And my feeling about her is still same: I don’t like Chelsea! Even if at the end she soften a little bit she's still too snobby and full of herself. 
And the O’Brien family… well they are O’Brien! Generous, protective, accepting, caring, they made your heart warm and wish to be part of the family.
In the O’Brien household, tears were shed often, mostly from laughing so hard until their sides ached, but sometimes it was the emotional moments such as this that showed the deep-rooted love that cemented their family together.”
Grandpa Paddy has a soft spot in my heart. He doesn’t speak much, but a simple gesture or glance from him speaks volumes. I liked the bound between Patrick and Grandpa Paddy and their silent understanding.
The time we get in our lives is precious. The people in our lives don’t always stick around for the entire show. It’s important that you live life while you can, even if others are gone, because someday you will be gone too.” – I love you Grandpa Paddy!!!
Gloria Herrmann’s writing is improving with each book. The characters, main or secondary, have great personality, and the storyline is engaging and very well developed. I think there is a great potential not only for Daniel’s story, that will be the next book in the series, but also for further installment. I personally would love to read something more about Ethan, Rachel's brother.

Patrick’s Promise is a sweet romance, heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. A book about second chances, family, friendship and everlasting love. 
My review doesn't do justice to this book, but so far it's my favorite in the Cloverleaf Series, that I highly recommend to start right away.

 I’ll be back soon Birch Valley, Daniel’s story is coming!

I was born and raised in southern California and relocated to beautiful eastern Washington state in 2002. The rural small towns that speckle this vast area have inspired my ideal setting for most of the stories I write. The pine and tamarack trees covering the towering mountains, the shimmering lakes and rivers, the abundant wildlife, and the feeling of a time forgotten, all stir so many of my creative juices. I can't thank my parents enough for dragging this city kid on long roadtrips up to this rugged foreign area, because now it is my home and I truly love my life here.

Reading was something that spurred me to begin writing at a young age. I enjoyed creating characters, different settings, and describing anything and everything. Storytelling, I have found is something I have inherited from both of my parents. I love attention to detail, using words to fully bring the picture alive, that is something I got from my dad. Creating characters and figuring out their story and how to achieve their happy ending comes from my mom. Then there is the smell of a book, new or old, the weight of it in your hands as you balance it open, seeing all those beautifully typed words spun and woven into sentences, this was created by a writer. I knew that was what I wanted to be when I grew up and here I am today, a real author.

Romance, I simply love it, that's why I write it. I remember my mom giving me my very first paperback romance novel. It was a pretty exciting one filled with suspense and an overall excellent storyline, she had just read it and she felt it was suitable for my teenage eyes. That was it, I was hooked. I began to devour these romance stories that varied over the years from sweet to sultry, I consumed thousands of books and stories over the years. Each time I finished reading a novel, the desire to write my own grew stronger. As ideas for books swirled in my mind, it always had a romantic element to it, and I suppose it always will. What is there not to love about falling in love and finding that special person to share your life with? Who doesn't wish for passion, butterflies in your stomach, and that happily ever after?

As a reader, I can't even begin to thank all of the writers that have created so many emotions for me, falling in love with characters, mourning their loss, sighing as I close the final chapter or smiling when everyone lives happily ever after. As a writer, I just want to do the same.


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