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REVIEW: Servicing The Target by Cherise Sinclair

TITLE: Servicing The Target

AUTHOR: Cherise Sinclair

SERIES: Masters Of The Shadowlands #10

PUBLICATION: July 28th 2015 by Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated




A discharged Army Ranger, Ben considers his job as a BDSM club security guard to be an excellent hobby. He’s never been tempted to join in. But everything changes when the notorious Mistress Anne inadvertently reveals the caring heart concealed beneath her Domme armor.

Now, he’s set his sights on the beautiful Shadowlands Mistress. Maybe he’d considered himself vanilla, but she can put her stiletto on his chest any day, any time. He’ll trust her delicate hands to hold his heart. And if she wants to whip his ass on the way to an outstanding climax, he’s just fine with that too.

Sure, he knows she likes “pretty boy” slaves. And he’s older. Craggy and rough. And six-five. Minor hindrances. The mission is a go.

One simple word is the focus of this book: CHANGE.
One single word that can be your worst enemy.
For Anne change means lose everything: stability, friendship, love. 
Anne has not a tragic past, it's not something overtly painful that leads her to be a Domme. It's something more intimate, something more subtle. When she was young, her father's job forces her family to move around the country and that meant to leave everything behind and start all over again, in addition to a protective father and family. To be a Domme for Anne means to take control of her life and emotions, now she's the one to decide to change or not, the overwhelming protection of her family doesn't apply at the Club Shadowlands. She's free. Behind her reputation of a sadistic Domme, there is a woman with a big heart, ready to protect and shelter abused women and their children. But Change for her is not an option.
"Like a soft rain, the notes spilled over her deck and joined with the evening. A slow song, but not sad. It reminded her that the fundamentals of life, living and loving and dying, held the same from generation to generation. That life could change for the better. She was changing, as was her world. Or maybe she should call it growing, rather than changing."
Until she met Ben, or I would say until she opens her eyes and really saw Ben. Because Ben has been always there, at the Shadowlands as a security guard, or as Anne would say the guardian dog. 
Ben is a discharged Army Ranger, totally vanilla, but Mistress Anne has drawn his attention, and much more. Mistress Anne is sexy and misteroius to him. To know her better he's willing to try something new and enter the Club and be a one-night-slave for her. 
For Ben change means to risk his stability, to let his guard down and blindly trust.
"Seemed as if ties born in blood and pain went deeper. Maybe that was why he felt so close to Anne. He'd trusted her to take care of him, and she handn't let him down."
Are Anne and Ben willing to change to find a new life and love?
"The earth is all about change. The seasons move from summer to winter. The continental plates push up mountains that the weather slowly grinds back down. On this planet, in this universe, nothing stand still."

I loved everything about this book, the story and the characters.
Mistress Anne is really a great: she's strong, determined and sweet and caring at the same time. The word change scares her, but she never gives up when she thinks she's doing the right thing. I loved the way she accepts to give up control, to see that life can be handled also with heart and trust and not only with a strong whipping hand. 
Ben is not the usual, perfect, handsome man. He's rough inside and outside. Sometimes he uses more his brain than his heart, for sure he's not a man that submit himself easily, but for Mistress Anne, for love, he'd do everything. He's a protective man, but he has military experience, he knows when to cross the line and fight for someone else.
The story is focused on Anne and Ben couple, but I liked that the author surrounds them with all the other members of the Shadowlands. One of my favorite scene is the birth of Jessica and Master Z daughter.
And I loved the bond between all of the Shadowlands' members, always there to help and support each other. When Uzuri needs help to move in her new house all the members are there for her, real and loyal friends, everyone with different stories, but bond together with invisible ties not born in family blood but stronger than that. 
The sex scenes, are well detailed and hot, emotionally strong but never brutish or obscene.
With this book, Cherise Sinclair confirm herself to be The Queen of BDSM Romance.   

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  1. I don't know.. I'm feeling quite fed up with the whole BDSM scene. I can read a book in the genre once in a while, but I feel like I'm surrounded with all of these, most of them not that good, or forget to focus about other things but the sex. This one sounds totally different, having more on the emotional side yet it's not enough for me to pick it up - especially because it's a series, a long one that I haven't read..