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REVIEW: Proposing to Preston by Katy Regnery

TITLE: Proposing to Preston

AUTHOR: Katy Regnery

SERIES: The Winslow Brothers #2 The Blueberry Lane Series

Publication: July 7th 2015 by Katharine Gilliam Regnery


ARC Copy provided to me by NetGalley 

Proposing to Preston is the second of four books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome Winslow brothers who are all on the look-out for love.

(Except Brooks... he's probably sailing around the world with Skye by now. And Cameron, who's having too much fun sparring with Margaret. And Christopher, who's only on the look-out for a congressional seat and absolutely. nothing. else.)

Preston Winslow has a heart as open as the sky and room in his life for someone special. When he falls in love with Broadway actress, Elise Klassan, he holds nothing back.

Elise, who has made tremendous sacrifices to forward her career, is swept off her feet by handsome, charming Preston...but the stage has been her first love for so many years, she doesn't know if there's room for Preston in her life. When the day comes that she must choose between her ambition and her heart, she profoundly hurts the one man who could have made her happy.

Two years later, Elise has become a world-famous actress and Preston is a very successful lawyer. But fame has not equaled happiness for Elise, and Preston is much too bitter and cynical to ever consider falling in love again.

Is it possible that the only person who can mend Preston's heart is the one who originally broke it? Only if Elise can figure out a way to make him believe in love all over again.

End of chapter 1: I'm in love with Preston.
When I was reading the book it was like I was back in my past where Emily Brontë and Jane Austen made me dream, made my heart beat with joy, love and sadness at the same time, like the best English Classic Literature.
Elise and Preston seem to belong to another generation. Preston is such a gentleman, sweet and passionate. Elise, raised with a strict education, is so polite, pure and a dreamer.
Both of them work hard to realize their dream.

Life throws curveballs, It's incovenient and unpredictable...and loving with your whole heart might not be enough. Plus...” she paused, dropping his eyes, “it's risky.” - Elise
There's no other way to love.” - Preston

Preston was a step away to row at the Olimpic Games but a bad injury shattered his dream forever.

Elise, raised as a Mennonite, dreams to be a Broadway actress but she's not supported by her family.

She thinks that it takes more courage to be oneself that to step on a stage and be someone else. Her dream, the theatre, is her refuge and her escape, the means to run away, also from Preston's love.

She'd let fear rule her life for years. She'd let fear wreak havoc on her dreams. In a shocking turn of events, fear had turned out to be stronger than ambition.

When Elise leaves him, Preston is hurt, broken, angry, but his love for her always intact.

Sometimes love, dreams and passion are not enough to keep two souls together and married.

After two years apart they have a second chance to be a wife and an husband again.

They've learned that love should not be selfish, that trust is as much important as love, that in a marriage each one is a special and unique individual, and that love can overcome differences and social status.

He took a step toward her. “I missed you”.

I missed you so much, it felt like dying,” she said taking a step toward him.

Like thirst and hunger,” he said, reaching for her. “All the time.”

Like frost. Like ice. Like there was no warmth on the earth,” she said, stepping into his arms.

Like eternal winter,” he agreed, pulling her tightly against him.

Like happiness was a fairy tale. Like joy was a mith. Like love...”

...was impossible,” he finished.

Katy Regnery is always able to bring to life characters so real that it's impossible not to fall in love with them.

Touching, romantic, sweet, a book you can't put down until the last word.

Every time I finish one of Katy book I said to myself “this is my favorite”, but the truth is that her books are one more amazing than the last one. It's like an addiction, the more you read the more you want to read, that's why I'm already waiting for the third book of this series.

Coming next in the series:

Crazy about Cameron, The Winslow Brothers, Book #3
(available 9.25.15)

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  1. well, this ALSO sounds amazing. I have to say, I agree with the whole notion of maintaining a relationship and what it means about being mature enough to be your own self but also to give the other person enough space. I think with young couples - they either somehow go through it, or they break up. With older couples, it's difficult because they are already established personally so it's harder to bring a new person into your life, yet you are more mature to know what you need and by that, how to treat the other person. I"m not sure if I'm making sense. English isn't my mother tongue as well ;)