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REVIEW: THE BEST MEDICINE by Charlotte Fallowfield


Author: Charlotte Fallowfield

Publication:  February 28th 2018 by Charlotte Fallowfield

Genre: Rom-Com 

My Rating: 5 Stars

Despite being a successful author of risqué romance novels, Charlie Faulkner had yet to star in her own love story. Drowning her sorrows in takeaway pizza, and at risk of getting wedged in her favourite writing chair, she despaired of ever finding the kind of all-consuming love that she wrote about in her books.

When she did venture out of her writing cave, chaos and disaster followed, with many a trip to the emergency room of the local hospital. It was there she fell head over heels for the handsome doctor who often treated her, Guy Fitton. The trouble was that with her medical track record, she wasn’t sure if he’d see her as a sexy, desirable temptress or just a crazy, accident-prone woman, with a medical file so heavy it needed its own trolley.

Would Charlie get her “happy ever after” with Dr. Fitton or end up with the other significant male in her life, the pizza delivery guy?

While The Best Medicine is a standalone story, it's the third in the Dilbury Village series of romantic comedy novels. All of them will be set in the quaint fictitious English hamlet in the Shropshire countryside, but feature a different village couples' story.

Warning, if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to toilet humour, then the Dilbury Village series may not be for you!

Charlotte Fallowfield never disappoints me! I loved this book to pieces.

Lust and infatuation sometimes make us blind and stupid. Love is just in front of us and we don’t see it, we don’t even recognize it.
This is what happens to Charlie Faulkner. She’s a brilliant writer, smart, obsessed with pizza and clumsy. And her clumsiness brings her several times to the A&E dept. where Dr. Guy Fitton, aka McFitty, soon becomes Charlie’s wet dream. He’s the perfect male she writes about in her books.
But her obsession for pizza leads to a very special friendship with Kitt, aka Mr. Piazza Man. Kitt is a very kind a private guy, that lives almost alone as he’s taking care of her mother. But for Charlie he is always around helping her every time she gets back from the hospital after some clumsy injury.
But what Charlie wants is a date with McFitty and when he finally asks her out, the date is a total disaster because in that very moment she realizes that the only man she wants is Kitt, figuring out what everyone else knew all along. Will be too late for Charlie? Will be too late to finally have at her side the man she loves and not the man she only lusts after? 
The answer is: Love is always the best medicine!

I really enjoyed this book. Funny, sweet, but with serious and meaningful moments.
I loved Charlie’s character for being so imperfect but I was rooting for Kitt, and every time she chooses McFitty over Pizza Man I hated her a little bit. I didn’t like the doctor since the beginning, feeling like he was hiding something. Kitt instead is so sweet and a real gentleman.
And when Abbie, Georgie, Quinn and Daphne, Charlie’s best friends, are around, laughs are granted!! 
And if you think that the English countryside is boring you've never been in Dilbury Village.
I can't wait to read the next installment! 

(ARC kindly received from the author and this is my honest review)

”Sometimes great love starts with friendship, Charlie. We all dream of that instant, all-consuming need and passion for someone, and to have that returned, but it’s rare to find that and have it last a lifetime. When the passion fades, great friendship is what will see you through the rest of your years.” 

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