sabato 3 dicembre 2016

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Pie For Breakfast by Terri George

TITLE: Pie For Breakfast

AUTHOR: Terri George

GENRE: Erotic Short Story 


Newly divorced, her children long since left home, Katherine Jefferson finds herself alone and rudderless, wondering if any man will find her desirable again.

A night of passion far from home awakens a sexuality she hadn’t known she possessed.

Her confidence restored, she follows a long forgotten dream, unexpectedly finding her way to the possibility of a new life... And pie for breakfast.

I loved this short story very much mainly for two reasons:
  1. Katherine, the main character, is not the usual chick, young, perfect and sexy I've already seen in so many stories. She a mature woman, a wife (or ex-wife) and a mother. Having, I suppose, almost the same age as Katherine, I have felt instantly a deep connection with the character. 
  2. Katherine's night of passion really surprised me (in a very good way!). Terri George has created something hot, sexy, sensual and much more, I didn't expect (OMG, I wish I could be there, too!)

The story leaves open questions about Kathrine's life and her future. In a short story incompleteness is what leads the reader to be curious, to want more, and with Pie For Breakfast Terri George has succeeded greatly. 

3 commenti:

  1. sounds interesting I think these kind of books, talking about "older" women is something that needs to be addressed more in romance novels. I've read one I really enjoyed by Katy Regnery - Frosted. Have you read it?

  2. Yes, read it and I also translated it in Italian for Katy. Frosted is really good! This is even shorter, but very intense.