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BLOG REVIEW: Troy - Into The Light by JJ Harper

TITLE: Troy - Into The Light


SERIES: Into The Light book #1

PUBLICATION: November 28th

GENRE: M/M Romance 

COVER: Jay Aheer


Troy grabs his bags and, shoving in as much of his belongings as he can, he clambers out of his bedroom window. He can hear the shouts and arguments starting up and his name being called. Not able to face his parents, Troy runs away.
Leaning against the wall of the club, Troy’s eyes are drawn to the dark-haired man dancing fluidly with another man. Their eyes meet and Troy’s life changes in the blink of an eye. Inexplicably drawn to each other, they meet on the dance floor. Tremors course over Troy’s body as the handsome stranger touches him.
“I’ve been waiting for you. I don’t know how or why, but I know that you are mine.” As he leans in, he whispers in my ear, “I’m Franco; I am the man you’ve been waiting for, too.” Troy’s life alters irrevocably in that instant as he falls for the handsome, Italian man.
As they build their life together Troy and Franco discover true love, a love so deep they can’t be apart.
I hold his head against my body and, no longer able to hold back my emotions or my words, I stutter, “I love you,” into his hair as my lips cover his head with kisses. “I love you also, Troy. I never knew such a feeling was possible.” Franco whispers against my chest as I hold him. 
When illness strikes, Troy has to discover a new part of himself as he struggles past the pain. A new, stronger, braver man emerges, taking his life in his own hands.

Heartbreaking, breathtaking, powerful, sweet, sexy and so much more. I closed this book overwhelmed by emotions.

Writing this review is hard, whatever I write won’t be enough or won’t give justice to this book.

I’ve cried, a lot (thank you Kleenex!). I don’t like to use the word “sad”, there is nothing “sad” when you read about a love story so epic, powerful and unforgettable.

Troy has touched my heart and soul. In this book there is love, deep love, and sex, hot sex, but what have touched me most has been Franco’s story.
I already knew what was going to happen, having read Reunion (book 1 in the Reunion series), and I’ve told myself I was ready for it… but I wasn’t.

“This kiss is everything: it’s the good parts of our life, it’s the bad, and it’s the fear of what’s to come.” - Troy

The age gap between Franco and Troy is a topic that has been handled with care. Franco is not like a “dad” to Troy, he encourages Troy to grow in an independent and strong man. And Troy never acted like a child or someone that needs to be protected.

“The pleasure I get from seeing him shine makes my life a good one” - Franco

Their relationship starts as love at first sight, and everything seems so rushed. Troy could not believe that what he has found in Franco is true and not a dream, and I loved that Franco feels insecure, too.  At some point they have to make choices that takes courage and an open mind, and  this has made my cry and my heart to ache.  But their love is the one that stands the test of time.

I liked some key scenes narrated by both Franco and Troy’s POV. That has made my connection with the characters stronger.

Now let’s talk about Nico. I loved to find him again in this book with a key role in Franco and Troy’s life. I had the chance to see a part of his life that in Reunion I could only envisage. And see him through Franco and Troy’s eyes is incredible.

“I knew you were important to me Nico; you’re my guardian angel. The Angel to my De’ath.” - Franco

I loved the scene narrated by Troy when he met Ryan for the first time: priceless!
But to see Troy’s HEA I need to wait patiently for book 2, and I know that JJ Harper will deliver another amazing book giving Troy what he deserves. 

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  1. This sounds really good, but I don't understand, is this a spin off? or does it truly stand on it's own new series?

  2. This is a spin-off of the Reunion series, but you can read it as a stand alone of a new series. The second book will be out soon next month