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BLOG REVIEW: A Red Hot Christmas Paris by C.J. Fallowfield

TITLE: A Red Hot Christmas - ParisAUTHOR: C.J. FallowfieldPUBLICATION: November 30th 2016 by C.J. Fallowfield

Fancy a little spice, plenty of heat, and something saucy in your stocking this year? - Out now! Get your jolly on this Christmas and let Santa deliver one of The Red Hot Christmas series of standalone erotic romance novellas to your e-Reader. Full of festive frolics that will add some cheer to your holiday!

A Red Hot Christmas - Paris
Two couples, Lulu and Luc Le Grand and their firm friends, Coco Barrella and Hunter Donovan, head to Paris for a romantic getaway at The Domville Hotel. Looking forward to good company, great food, and some steamy seasonal shenanigans away from the pressures of work, the last thing they expect is to be stranded there on Christmas Eve.

Will the calm marital waters of the seemingly perfect Le Grand’s relationship become choppy when they risk not making it home to their children for Christmas Day?

And will “love to hate each other” couple Coco and Hunter grow closer in the city of love, or will they be pulled apart by the unintentional reminder of their failings as they compare themselves to their married friends?

Featuring couples from C.J. Fallowfield's bestselling humorous erotic romance books The Temptress & All That Glisters, this festive erotic romance novella can be read as a standalone. It contains scenes towards the end of their stories, that weren’t included in their novels, but for the best reading experience, it is recommended that you read in the order of The Temptress, All That Glisters, then A Red Hot Christmas Paris. It also contains adult material and is strictly for the over 18’s only. It’s sure to turn your cold and wet December into a positively scorching hot, but still wet, one!

ARC received for an honest review

Steamy, sexy, short and intense. Nothing could be better than a hot Christmas in Paris!
This short story is featuring two couples form C.J. Fallowofiled romance books:
Lulu and Luc from The Temptress
Coco and Hunter from All That Glisters

About Lulu and Luc I loved how their relationship is so complete. They have reached the perfect balance between their careers, their children and still having a passionate sexual chemistry. 
After reading this short story I've started to read The Temptress, because I couldn't stand to not know all about them.

About Coco and Hunter I loved the constant bickering between the two... and the hot sex. Their relationship is more troubled, as some big decisions have to be made.

Christmas can be hot, but can be also heartwarming and full of love when it's celebrated with the people you love. 

Even if I haven't read The Temptress, so I didn't know Lulu and Luc, this short story fills you in with all the key information. So I would say that it's not necessary to read The Temptress and All That Glisters before. But I will higly recommend to do it. 

The best start for the Christmas holidays. 

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  1. I like this idea, getting a glimpse of couples from previous installments.