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This week I'm really happy to spotlight one of my favorite author! JJ Harper has been a "discovery" to me. First time I've heard about her was some time before the releasing of Renunion, and since then I can't get enough of her books!

About JJ Harper

I’m J J Harper or Jess to my friends and family. I have a love for hot steamy love stories and write m/m and m/f romances.

I stumbled into writing after a suggestion from my husband sets some seed sowing in my head and the ideas started to flow. I have found something that I absolutely love doing. I’m a true romantic and always want to see a happy ever after in my books and in life.

I live in the UK in the quiet Lincolnshire countryside along with my husband and my dog, it’s a peaceful existence which balances out all the crazy that goes on in my head. What would the neighbours think of me??? 

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  The FINDING ME Series

Rising Up 

The first romance novel Rising Up by J J Harper

The new romance series - Finding Me

“What a touching story of someone broken, "rising up" and becoming the beautiful, loved woman she truly was!  ”Melissa J. Johnson

“Such an intense background, with so much love through it all…This is such an amazing book! Definitely a must read! I hope there is more!” Damaris Zepeda

Rising Up.  A romantic erotic novel

‘Looking at myself in the mirror and trying to clean my broken skin I realize that I no longer recognize myself.  What happened to me, when did I become this battered and bruised wreck?’

Heidi has to change not only her name but the country she lives in to survive, with the help of her best friend they flee.  As Imogen, she tries to start her life again, away from the constant abuse that had become her life.  She takes her first steps as a new woman and when she stumbles on a man that has the power to heal her, and help her overcome the horrors of her past her is she brave enough to let him? 

After catching his girlfriend cheating on him Mason hides away to lick his wounds and injured pride. 

I reflect back on the wasted years and reiterate to myself ‘No more women’.

Until an unnerving feeling to get out again overwhelms him, so for the first time in six weeks enters his local bar and watches as two girls walk in for the first time.

The connection that flows between Imogen and Mason is physical as well as emotional. So as their body’s called out to each other, she hesitates. Has the violence from her past taken away her ability to trust and to desire again? Or can this handsome stranger reawaken her dormant passion?

‘How can my body react to somebody like this?  I don't even know him, but hell my skin feels like it's singing out to him.”

‘I notice two girls walk in, and just like that the twitchy feeling in my gut is back and a shiver runs down my spine.’

As they embark on their new relationship Imogen begins to feel free of her past demons and embraces feelings she thought lost as Mason explores her body.

Then when her past catches up with her, Imogen and Mason have to find out if is she strong enough to not only face her old demons but be brave enough to fight for her new life.

Is she tough enough to rise up from her past and follow her heart to a new brighter future?  Will the man sent to save her wait while she finds her strength again?

“How can I be a part of you when I can’t even find any part of me?”

This is a contemporary new romance novel, please be aware this story is not always a pretty one.  It involves violence and scenes of non-consensual sex. Therefore is recommended for readers aged 18 and over.

My Turn

Book Two in the Finding Me series

A new contemporary romance novel

Reviews from Book One Rising Up

“Lost for words... This book is truly amazing, I didn't think I would have liked this book but once I started reading I absolutely loved it.”

J J Harper you are an brilliant author x  angelineshirra

“This book was a lot more than I ever thought it would be. Excellent writing and an amazing story. Imogen and Maddie are great characters Imogen is inspirational to woman out there. An amazing length of book making an excellent read. Highly recommended” By Dawn Quinn

My Turn an erotic romance

If I thought leaving the US the first time was hard, it was nothing compared to this.

Maddie leaves her best friend again and goes back to the UK. Struggling with her feelings for her ex Lake and a broken heart she attempts to turn her life around again.

Months later after a photography course and a final exhibition she manages exactly that.

Nathan - “I would like the chance to know you better and I would like to see if I can stop the sadness inside you. I am enchanted by you Maddie Stevens.”

Bored with his life and hassled by and ex-girlfriend Nathan is drawn to Maddie and a spark between them encourages him to pursue her.

He catches my hand and slips his card into my hand. “Call me, Ms. Stevens. I’d love to see you and more of your work.” I don’t miss the shiver that goes up my arm as the spark from his touch reaches me.

Back in the States Lake battles with the loss of Maddie when he realizes that he does love her but has no idea how to get her back.

But fate steps into both of their lives when a young woman, Tallie enters Lake’s life and the whole world stops for him and he is captivated by her.

“Lake, trust me you’ve just found your girl.  You looked at her the way I look at Ginny, you can’t get away from it dude, it’s fate.  Cmon I’ll buy you a beer.”

I’m just standing there staring at him, “Fuck off Mason, you know I want Maddie back.”

“All I know is that from where I was standing you fell hook, line and sinker for that girl.  So fight it all you want but that girl is your future.” 

But I love Maddie.  Don’t I?

As Maddie and Lake come to terms with the idea of not being together their lives become full of new love and potential. So when the wedding invitation arrives Maddie is forced to make a decision.

Disaster hits when Maddie’s dark past catches up with her and the consequences nearly break both her and Nathan. Her mind is no longer confused she knows who her future lies with.

Will Lake and Maddie be able to be friends together, or do their past feelings for each other ruin their chances?  Will Nathan and Tallie cope with the past history of the ex-lovers? Will Maddie ever get her turn?

My Turn is a follow on story and although it can be read as a standalone Book one ‘Rising Up’ introduces Maddie and Lake and will enhance this second story.

This contemporary romance novel contains strong language, sex and scenes of violence. Therefore is recommended for readers aged 18 and over.

Missing Pieces

A contemporary romance novel

This is the third book in the Finding Me Series.

Five years ago Lucas found Cassie hiding from her violent boyfriend, in his closet. He always wondered what had become of the scared and frightened young girl, after having to leave her still bruised and broken. As hard he looked for her he could find trace of her anywhere, and he was damn good at searching for and protecting people, hell, he’d made it his career.

Cassie had to hide away after being almost killed by her boyfriend, then hounded and bullied by her mother. She escapes and slowly recovers, but knows she will always be the same weak girl if she doesn't let go of her past.  So she reinvents herself, becoming a new stronger woman. She keeps one moment locked inside her, one moment of kindness. Proof that there are good, kind men out there, somewhere. Keeping a tight rein on her heart, as Tamsin she grows and moves on.

Always a player Lucas is confused when he finds himself drawn to a stunning, but shy girl, who shows up not just in his home town but is living in his building. Something stirs his memories, and images of the lost girl come back.  Could this be her? How can he find out? Will she even remember him? Will she want to remember him?

“Hey Sweetcakes, early morning walk of shame, what would your mother say?”  I know it’s a crappy thing to say but it gets her to stop, she doesn’t turn around though to let me see if the face is as good looking as the legs and ass.

“Bite me Asshole!”  Is her reply as she walks up to her door and with her head down she opens it and starts to walk inside.

“Anytime Sweetcakes, anytime.  I’m Lucas by the way, one of your neighbors.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

Will they have changed too much? Are they able to forgive themselves for their past actions? Will her frightening past catch up with her?

Lucas and Tamsin have more than one fight on their hands, is their love going to be enough to save them?

Missing Pieces takes place between Book 1, Rising Up, and Book 2, My Turn.

Set to Fall

So here it is the long overdue conclusion of the Finding Me series

Will all of the gang finally have their forever person?

Will Playboy Austin Reynolds finally have met the woman he can’t have?

We find out if the family curse has finally hit the one man who never wanted any of it.

No insta-love, no forever girl and certainly no happy ever after, until he meets the woman

who turns him down. Is Austin really set to fall?

Set to Fall - A romantic second chance novel

Book 4 in the Finding Me Series

You’re the last thing my heart expected

It's Austin's turn, will he finally succumb to the family curse.

When Helena is asked to go to the USA to witness Nathan’s proposal to her best friend Maddie, she—along with her boyfriend, Finn—jump at the chance. But Finn’s work interrupts their plans and Helena has to go alone.

“I love you, Finn.”

“I love you too, babe, so fucking much. It won’t be long until we are together again.”

Austin Reynolds, a full-time playboy has no desire to find a girl for more than one night at a time. He scoffs at the tradition of the family ‘curse’ that at one glance you find your future; the one person who turns your world around and completes you. So why, at one glance at the mysterious new girl, does Austin feel a tug on his heartstrings?

The nerves in my body are standing to attention and I feel a magnetic pull towards her. As I stride up to her, I can see her eyes lock on to mine and her breath quickens as her eyes dilate.

Helena feels eyes on her as she stands with her friends. Drawn to look over to the man watching her, she sets eyes on the most beautiful man she has ever seen. Her heart races and her skin prickles and, as he saunters over to greet his friends, the electricity builds between them. One touch sets both of them in a spin.

Warned away from her, Austin finds he can’t resist her. Helena, warned of his playboy reputation, keeps away, her mind on Finn—the man she loves.

However, Helena is filled with doubt as Finn pulls away and refuses to let her join him; staying in the US with her friends seems the best option. It does mean she will be in Austin’s company as all the friends mingle.

One night changes everything, but is it for the better?

The REUNION Series


M/M Novella

Because loves deserves a second chance.

After being cast out by his family Nico leaves his home town and his one true love Ryan. A meeting of a fellow outcast leads him down a dark and ultimately dangerous road. Discarded and left for dead Nico is found by a man who helps him turn his life around, but even with success and fame Nico is lost without his love by his side.

The chance sighting of a Ten Year School Reunion on a social media site gives him the excuse to return home. He needs to apologize to the man he still loves, hoping he will accept it. Deep down he wants him back but imagines him married to a man who deserves him, not a coward that ran.

       ‘The ache for Ryan has been so strong and so real it has taken every ounce of strength I have to keep away, to let him lead his life without me. With me being a deadbeat, a loser and no good for anyone. Or so I’ve been told.’

Ryan retires from the army after the death of his mother, settling again in his home town and his new life as a cop. Still single, his heart has always belonged to the one man he wasn’t able to keep. As the reunion gets closer Ryan searches for his man’s name as the list of attendees grows…

It’s there…Nico Angeles. He’s coming, he’s coming home!

Will they be able to forget the past or has the last ten years apart been too long?




Blurb for Reunited

The reunion between Ryan and Nico was sweet as sugar and as hot as hell, but after ten years apart can they find true happiness?

When the one man Nico had wished to never see again suddenly appears, is it purely the coincidence it appears to be, or is there a reason he showed up at the exact moment Nico and Ryan found each other again?

I watch the man I love walk back through the doors of the restroom his ass is tight and firm and feels so damn good. How have I lived without Ryan for this long? He is such a good man, a strong assertive and confident man.

Ryan and Nico both discover living with each other is not easy. They know the love they share is real but they're not the same men they once were. The passion between the two men continues to rocket sky high but so does the tension, causing tempers to rise between them.

I love you Nico, but I hate your past. Or more that I hate how your past has decided to control us.

When secrets emerge and the past threatens the two men, can they pull together or will it too much for Ryan to cope with?

By the time the puzzle has been solved it may just be too late for one or even both of them.

Book 3

The Reunion series

With Nico by his side, Ryan says goodbye to his old life and moves away, leaving his job and his hometown behind him.

Ready for a fresh new start together, Ryan and Nico settle down into a slower and easier lifestyle and life becomes as perfect as they could wish for.

“I can’t believe I’m leading you to my bedroom. I never thought I would get the chance to do it, I never thought I could be this happy.” I smile then start walking again.

When Ryan is unexpectedly reminded of the life he happily walked away from, his world is turned upside down when he gets notice of news that he never expected to hear. Ryan is tormented by what is being asked of him; the very thing he was promised would never be asked of him again.

Nico laughs then looks at where my eyes are fixed. “Who’s that?”

“That’s the man who can come between us.” My voice no more than a whisper as a shiver of dread runs down my spine

A man Nico once knew returns, and Nico wishes he'd never caught up with Lyle. His ploy to keep Lyle away from Ryan fails and Lyle tells all about his previous connection to Nico. Ryan takes off, leaving no clues as to where he's gone and Nico is devastated believing that Ryan has left him.

When Ryan finally returns home; so does his past and he is forced to visit an old friend. But things are not what they seem and Ryan must fight as hard as he can to keep himself safe.

Maybe the perfect life with a happy ever after just isn't in the cards for Ryan and Nico after all.

Reading this may seriously raise you blood pressure, contains lots of hot scenes of sex between two men and has strong language throughout

This book is intended for 18+ readers.



`(¯`v´¯) TROY

¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)BOOK 1

(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*COMING SOON

Not long to wait now, Make sure you add this to your goodreads want to read list. Don't miss this beautiful love story. A spin-off duology from the Reunion Trilogy
Troy – Into the Light Book One
Troy grabs his bags and, shoving in as much of his belongings as he can, he clambers out of his bedroom window. He can hear the shouts and arguments starting up and his name being called. Not able to face his parents, Troy runs away.
Leaning against the wall of the club, Troy’s eyes are drawn to the dark-haired man dancing fluidly with another man. Their eyes meet and Troy’s life changes in the blink of an eye. Inexplicably drawn to each other, they meet on the dance floor. Tremors course over Troy’s body as the handsome stranger touches him.
“I’ve been
waiting for you. I don’t know how or why, but I know that you are mine.” As he leans in, he whispers in my ear, “I’m Franco; I am the man you’ve been waiting for, too.” Troy’s life alters irrevocably in that instant as he falls for the handsome, Italian man.
As they build their life together Troy and Franco discover true love, a love so deep they can’t be apart.
I hold his head against my body and, no longer able to hold back my emotions or my words, I stutter, “I love you,” into his hair as my lips cover his head with kisses. “I love you also, Troy. I never knew such a feeling was possible.” Franco whispers against my chest as I hold him.
When illness strikes, Troy has to discover a new part of himself as he struggles past the pain. A new, stronger, braver man emerges, taking his life in his own hands.

Troy - Into the Light by JJ Harper Cover Reveal, Release Blitz & Review Option - Sign up form

1.      Tell me something about yourself

Ha, what would you like to know? I’m 47years old and live in a cottage in the countryside. I have two grown up children and a gorgeous7 year old grand daughter. I had to stop work about 5 years ago after being diagnosed with having Multiple Sclerosis, but I haven’t let it hold me back. If anything it has given me a kickstart into doing things for me. I have my gorgeous husband, we have been together since I was sixteen and have a great relationship. He is amazingly supportive and loves that I have found something so exciting to do. I don’t have many activities outside the home. I love my dog, I love sunshine and the summer and I love wine and good food. My favourite place to visit is Italy and can’t wait to get back there.

2.     When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

It was my husband’s idea, I was moaning about being bored and had just read a book that wasn’t particularly good and he mentioned me having a go. I Um’d and Ah’d for a week or so and then an idea appeared and it sort of snowballed from there. I never really expected to carry on after the first book but the ideas kept coming and I’m now just starting my tenth book.

3.     How did you get the inspiration for your first book?

It just sort of grew, but morphed into to something else, my original idea was the story that eventually appeared as the third book in the M/F Finding Me Series. Rising Up just spoke to me as Imogen’s and Mason love developed, I never expected it to be such a large book.

4.     What has inspired you to write M/M Romance, writing the Reunion series?

I discovered M/M books and fell in love with them, the fact that even big tough men have a side to them that show passion and vulnerability. How deeply they can love. Ryan and Nico’s story could never have been told as a M/F story the concept to me just wouldn’t have worked, I needed the two powerful, successful men to need and want each other so desperately that no one else would ever do, however long they were apart.

5.     Did you find more difficult writing sex scenes in your M/F books or in your M/M books?

Simple answer, No. I love writing the sex scenes, they are fun and you can let two consenting, loving adults go wild, and the research is always fun ;)

6.     Do you have a special time or place to write?

No, I write whenever I can, my laptop is the first thing I turn on in the morning, even before the kettle! And the last thing I turn off at night. Some days I don’t manage to get anything down but others I can write for hours. I sit in my living room with my music play and just go for it.

7.     What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Hmm, I think the amazing support you can get from people on Facebook, I didn’t expect so many amazing people to become my friends. I have friends who commented on how much they loved Rising Up and are now great friends of mine and we talk every day.

8.    What is your favorite book and why?

This is difficult, to answer because I have books that I love and have read over and over from so many different genres. Some books are so important to me because of the effect they had on my life in difficult times, so to have to pinpoint it down to one is impossible but here are some of the ones that have been so important to me, each for different reasons.
1.       Battle Cry by Leon Uris
2.      Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes
3.      The time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
4.       A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
5.      To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
6.      The Edge of Never by J ARedmerski
7.      We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

9.     Tell me something about your new upcoming book.

Ah Troy! What can I say about this young man, apart from how he has my heart? This book which was just supposed to be a short spin-off from the Reunion Trilogy but has become so much more. It is now two full length books spanning over five years of his life. The first book Troy – Into the Light is out on the 28th of November is a heartbreaker full of so much passion and deep love. I can’t begin to say how much I love this book, it has so much of my own life in it. I poured my heart and soul into his first story and then again for the second part. I dare you not to love him, he is adorable.

10.Which writer do you consider your mentor?

I don’t have one, I have writers I consider my friends, people I wouldn’t have ever have been lucky enough to meet if not for Facebook. Jennifer Rose, Ann Grech and Kora Knight to name just three. So we are each other’s sounding boards as we bounce ideas back and forward. I have writers that I admire so much, that I wish I could write as well as but I’m not mentioning them.

11.  Tell me how do you see yourself with three adjectives.

Oh fun okay
1.       Friendly
2.      Happy
3.      Short

12. Tell me how do you see your readers with three adjectives.

1.       Wonderful
2.      Passionate
3.      Loyal

Here the links to my reviews for JJ Harper's books
(I apoligize with the author and readers for my grammar mistakes, I'm italian and english is not my mother language.)

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