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REVIEW: In Too Deep by Terri George

TITLE: In Too Deep

AUTHOR: Terri George

SERIES: Frost Trilogy #2

PUBLICATION: April 12th 2015


Love isn’t easy, but Mia does love Nick; of that she has no doubt. The trouble is she doesn’t know if she can trust him. And what is love without trust?

Nick keeps so much hidden. Mia’s tried to get him to open up without success and knows she has to take it slow, give him time. But how long is she supposed to wait for him to trust her enough with all the things he’s keeping inside?

As the saying goes; be careful what you wish for. Mia may want to know what Nick’s hiding, but when more of his secrets are revealed will she be able to accept what he’s done before they even met? Just how many times can she find it within herself to forgive his past?

But Mia isn’t the only one struggling to trust. Nick’s faith in her is rocked when her past barges into their present and threatens to tear them apart.

Will their love be enough? Will their passion that blazed so brightly burn itself out or is it strong enough to see them through and keep them together?

I received copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review

This is the second book in the Frost Trilogy, and we find Mia and Nick where we left them at the end of book one.

With this book I sensed mixed feelings: happiness as Mia and Nick’s relationship is growing, and disappointment because of their secrets and inability to trust each other. 


Nick is a real alpha, good at his job and in the bedroom. The scenes of sex are hot, very hot and so well depicted they always feels natural and spontaneous to me. Under the layers of toughness there is the real Nick, sweet and caring. Keeping his secrets is a way to protect himself. I hoped his secrets to be told at any page, but… nothing! This is what kept me glued to the book.

Mia is a character I love so much for her being “true”, and far from being perfect. She is not weak, even if she knows that Nick is keeping secrets form her and doesn’t trust her to tell them, she never gave up on their relationship, trying to find a way to reach out to his heart.

But if trust could not be taken in the equation of a relationship this could be the end of it.

In Too Deep it’s no doubt a good romance, but I appreciate it more for some elements that makes it a “true life story”: nothing is perfect, Mia and Nick have ups and downs like a real couple. They have sugar moments (and some very hot!) but at the same time they have to fight obstacles to find their happy ending. Their love is tested and challenged.

The book ending is another one that left me suspended and eager for the next book.

This time, my dear author, I hated you less knowing that in next book I will finally find what I'm looking for!

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