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Review: Pass Interference by Desiree Holt

TITLE: Pass Interference

AUTHOR : Desiree Holt

SERIES: Game On #3

PUBLICATION: April 12th, 2016


No Rules. No Limits.

Party girl Tyler Gillette has just one rule: no football players. As the daughter of the owner of the San Antonio Hawks, she grew up in the shadow of the sport and her father’s enormous wealth. She was even named Tyler because he wanted a boy. Life couldn’t have drawn up a better play for turning her into a wild child—until that same life is threatened by someone from the past . . .

Former Hawks running back Rafe Ortiz has a few rules of his own. First, no weaknesses. Second, no babysitting spoiled football princesses. But his new career as a bodyguard means he’s responsible for protecting the beautiful Tyler Gillette from her mysterious stalker. But keeping his hands off her might be harder than keeping her safe . . .

Book received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 

A good book but not what I expected for this series that has great potential but seems to fully blast. 
The plot was good, a  mix of romance and mistery, suspenseful and sexy. This author is always great to create hot scenes. 
I liked more the hero, Rafe Ortiz, then the heroine, Tyler Gillette. 
Rafe is a former football player, now a security guard. I liked him, he's a good man, loyal, smart, one you can trust. He knows what fame and fortune are, but this hasn't changed him, living a simple life, staying out of trouble. His lifestyle is the opposite of Tyler 's. 
At the beginning I really disliked Tyler. She is a grown woman acting like a teenager, asking for attention, with a difficult relationship with his father. Her behavior put her in danger, and the first time it happened I thought she was a really stupid little brat. 
For 10 years Rafe and Tyeler had stayed away from each other, even if attracted. And when Tyler draw too much attention on her to the point to put her life at risk, Rafe is called to save and protect her.
I know that under Tyler 's attitude there is a woman who is suffering and seeking for her father's love. There is that little child who lost a mother and need to be loved and not covered with money. When Rafe comes to her rescue, something changes. The never extinguished flame blast alive between them. It's not an Hearts and flowers relationship. They both have to compromise, to face their unsolved issues. I loved the good influence Rafe has on Tyler and also on her father. 
I liked the mistery and the action, but I would have loved to see more about Rafe.
This is book 3 in the Game On series and can be read as a standalone. 

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