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BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: God's Gift by Terri George

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God’s Gift 1 Blog Tour!

God’s Gift 1
by Terri George
Genre: Romance- Contemporary Erotic
New Release!
Blog Tour: September 4th-18th

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Sebastian Baines is the Bad Boy
your mother always warned you about:
It’s a lethal combination.
And he’s taking it Stateside.

A charmer with the gift for sealing deals, he’s
at the top of his game and should fit right in at
Berger & Schwartz.

His contract is for one year. 365 days in which
he plans to make some mergers and acquisitions
of his own, and cut a serious sexual swathe through
the female population.

He’s never had a problem pulling the birds
in his native London, but there’s at least one
New York girl who doesn’t think he’s
God’s Gift...
And it’s driving him crazy.

God’s Gift contains sexually explicit content.

The Cover!
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Book received from the author in exchange for an honest review 

If I have to choose a soundtrack for this book it would be the song "I'm an Englishman in New York"

Ladies and Gentlemen please meet Mr. Sebastian Baines.

He's smart, rich, gorgeous, charming, sexy and one hell of a businessman. Hearts and flowers are not his things. The usual cliché? No, not at all, this character is unique. I fell in love with him because he is a shark in business and at the same time a man with integrity, he is ambitious but knows his limits. I fell in love of his British charm and when he speaks... OMG, I'd love this book as an Audiobook just to listen to his sexy accent.

And beside a strong male character this book has not less than a great woman, and Gina is perfect. She's beautiful, sexy and smart. She has Italian origins and sometimes she likes to speak Italian, this adds a nice and sassy touch to the book.
Between Sebastian and Gina the chemistry is hot, they’re perfect for each other and I love how their relationship grows throughout the book. They aren’t a good match only in the bedroom but also as co-workers. And I loved how Sebastian takes her in high consideration at work, sees her as an equal with the same skills dealing with customers. And he’s ready to support and take her side.

The story has a natural flow and has some twists and turns, keeping me on my toes till the end.

What  I love about this author? She can write very erotic and steamy sex scenes with finesse.
What I hate about this author?  She ended the book with a cliffie.

But now I can’t wait for book #2.

A personal note to Terri George:

I’m really proud of you amica mia!
Your Busy Bee

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Love and Romance: it’s what makes the world go round and I love writing about it.
My men are Hot, Sexy and Bossy and my women Strong and Sassy and give as good as they get. I absolutely refuse to write weak woman because we don’t all need to be rescued, but we do all need the love and devotion of a good man. Oh, and plenty of sheet-clawing, body-rocking, mind-altering sex!
Despite all the hot sex, what I really write are love stories, jam packed full of emotion because I believe... When it comes to Love and Romance, neither should be anything less than Extraordinary.
From a small child I’ve loved to lose myself in stories. I’m a firm believer that if heaven exists, it contains every novel ever written and has big squishy sofas to curl up on and read for all eternity.
Before I started writing romance novels my comedy play, The Magazine was performed at The Bush Theatre in London and my poetry has been published in several anthologies. However, I knew what I really wanted to write were novels. With several unfinished manuscripts languishing in the depths of my computer’s hard drive, it was my discovery of erotic romance that led me to the realisation romance novels are what I should be writing.
As English as they come, I couldn’t survive without tea. From Rachmaninov to Aerosmith my taste in music is best described as eclectic. And I make a mean chocolate cake.

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