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REVIEW: Reunited by JJ Harper

TITLE: Reunited


SERIES: Reunion #2

PUBLICATION: March 16th 2016 

GENRE: M/M Romance


The reunion between Ryan and Nico was sweet as sugar and as hot as hell, but after ten years apart can they find true happiness?
When the one man Nico had wished to never see again suddenly appears, is it purely the coincidence it appears to be, or is there a reason he showed up at the exact moment Nico and Ryan found each other again?
Ryan and Nico both discover living with each other is not easy. They know the love they share is real but they're not the same men they once were. The passion between the two men continues to rocket sky high but so does the tension, causing tempers to rise between them. When secrets emerge and the past threatens the two men, can they pull together or will it too much for Ryan to cope with?
By the time the puzzle has been solved it may just be too late for one or even both of them.

 ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

I closed Reunion, the first book in this series, with a “OMG-face”

I expected something bad coming on the second one.

In Reunited we found Ryan and Nico exactly where we left them at the end of the first book.

Nico’s past is back, with a new name. Ethan is now Tate and he’s married to Marcus, Ryan and Nico’s ex classmate. When Nico starts to receive old, compromising photos and mysterious messages, it’s clear that someone is trying to tear Nico and Ryan apart. Will their love be strong enough to survive the approaching storm?

I liked how Ryan and Nico’s relationship is growing. After ten years apart they don’t want to be separate again, for no reason. Every moment is good to have great, hot, steamy, explosive sex and open their hearts to each other. Both have some serious trust issues and the threat hovering over them is no help. Insecurity and fear seem to rule their actions. I found them say “I'm sorry” and “I'm not going anywhere” so many times that it felt quite painful because in those words there is all the fear and pain suffered in their past. But love is the glue that can fix them, that can put their broken pieces together and make them whole again.
I feel so much more alive now, my eyes are brighter and it's because of Nico.” - (Ryan)

You are my other half, shit my better half, my everything.” - (Nico)
In this book Troy, Nico’s friend, that we've met in the first book, keeps supporting him even at distance and a new character comes to help: Mason, Nico’s lawyer. I found out that Mason is not new to JJ Harper's followers as he’s the hero of Rising Up. I loved the interaction between Mason and Nico and Ryan, I've laughed at some exchange of witty remarks (…Rising Up is on my 'Read Soon' book list now).

The final chapter is suspenseful, I hold tight my Kindle fearing something really really bad was going to happen. The end is what I’ve hoped for Ryan and Nico, with no cliffhanger. But this wicked author just left a “message” for the readers announcing the third book.
And I didn’t liked it JJ Harper, be warned! You left me like this:

A book full of love, hot sex (OMG just thinking about those handcuffs...) and mistery, a Must Read series!

BOOK 1: Reunion
After being cast out by his family, Nico leaves his home town and his one true love Ryan behind. A meeting of a fellow outcast leads him down a dark and ultimately dangerous road. Discarded and left for dead, Nico is found by a man who helps him turn his life around, but even with success and fame Nico is lost without his love by his side.

The chance sighting of a Ten Year School Reunion on a social media site gives him the excuse to return home. He needs to apologize to the man he still loves, hoping Ryan will accept it. Deep down he wants Ryan back but imagines him married to a man who deserves him, not a coward that ran.

‘The ache for Ryan has been so strong and so real it has taken every ounce of strength I have to keep away, to let him lead his life without me. With me being a deadbeat, a loser and no good for anyone. Or so I’ve been told.’

Ryan retires from the army after the death of his mother, settling down again in his home town and his new life as a cop. Still single, his heart has always belonged to the one man he wasn’t able to keep. As the reunion gets closer Ryan searches for his man’s name as the list of attendees grows…

'It’s there…Nico Angeles. He’s coming, he’s coming home!'

Will they be able to forget the past or has the last ten years apart been too long?

Warning: Contains explicit hot gay sex and strong language.

Intended for audiences over 18 years of age

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