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REVIEW: Divine Conspiracy by Rose Hudson

TITLE: Divine Conspiracy

AUTHOR: Rose Hudson

SERIES: Divine Conspiracy #1

GENRE: Romantic Suspense

PUBLICATION:  March 1st 2016 by Rose Hudson


Before moving to southern Alabama, and before realizing my daughter was getting older and my life, devoted solely to her and my career, was in desperate need of change...I would've said that fate was a myth. Opening up to the possibility of needing more and admitting that loving someone could be worth risking my heart for capture. The chance I was taking only became clear after one look into his eyes...but by then, it was too late.
I left that life behind and became a different man. One vigilant to
keep others at arms length. One incapable of love. So why, after years of indifference to women or the possibility of more than a one night stand, would one look from her make me want to change it all? Letting someone in could prove dangerous, and could resurrect a past capable of killing us both.

Two souls lost to their pasts.
Brought together by chance.
Torn apart by destiny...

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

"If her writing is good as her voice, she's going to create a great book" this is what I thought when Rose Hudson first announced the release of her debut novel. And she hasn't disappointed me. She's made a really good work. 
The storyline is sweet, romantic and with a little bit of mistery. The characters are so honest and real that I connected with them since the first page. 

Erin is a strong woman, a widow and now a single mother. She has two goals in her life: have a good job, and raise Ruth, her daughter, giving her everything she needed and see her happy. Nothing else matter to her. She has given up her desires, her needs, she simply stopped to be herself and a woman. Her past and her relationship with her parents, had been hard, and a man in her life is not part of her plan.
"Granted our family of two is small, our love is big and our bond strong. I have her and she has me, and now, we have a future woth looking forward to."
Patrick is hiding from his past. To be alone is a choice. His only friend is Dawson who works with him at the boat shop. He's handsome, sweet, but he's not looking for a woman and a relationship. His past could ruin everyone around him. 
"I knew that the years of loneliness and the weight of my past would change me, and as much as I'd like to say none of it affected me, I'd be lying. I don't care who you are, big, strong, young, old, leaving everthing you've ever known behind is hard, but in my case, for the best."
But when Erin and Patrick's eyes met through the mirror in a bar, the connection between them is powerful, intense. Despite their life plans, they're not able to deny the attraction and the growing feelings.

Their past has shaped them in the woman and the man they are now. They can run, they can hide from it, but there is always a point in life when its coming back to claim its toll.  

I knew this was a romantic suspence, but along the way I had some doubt about it. The mistery, that should be the basic ingredient for this genre seemed poor, with only some glimpse here and there. More than once I was tempted to write to the author telling her she's made a mistake choosing the genre. Glad to have not done that. Wait the last chapter... cliffhanging!! 
And this is the point where I didn't know if I wanted to "kill" the author or to hug her for such a beautiful book. 

Well written, the storytelling is original and captivating. I loved the emotions running through this book, so real that sometimes hurt for their honesty. I have the feeling Rose Hudson has put all her heart in this book. 

Rose Hudson has created this book like a perfect alchemist, putting toghether the right elements: dreams, love, friendship, parenting, desire, fear, pain, forgivness. 

Stay tuned for the sequel, to meet Erin and Patrick again.
"Like a drug to my addiction, I needed a dose of him."

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