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REVIEW: Reunion by JJ Harper

TITLE: Reunion


GENRE: M/M Romance

PUBLICATION: Published January 13th 2016


 Because love deserves a second chance.

After being cast out by his family, Nico leaves his home town and his one true love Ryan behind. A meeting of a fellow outcast leads him down a dark and ultimately dangerous road. Discarded and left for dead, Nico is found by a man who helps him turn his life around, but even with success and fame Nico is lost without his love by his side.

The chance sighting of a Ten Year School Reunion on a social media site gives him the excuse to return home. He needs to apologize to the man he still loves, hoping Ryan will accept it. Deep down he wants Ryan back but imagines him married to a man who deserves him, not a coward that ran.

‘The ache for Ryan has been so strong and so real it has taken every ounce of strength I have to keep away, to let him lead his life without me. With me being a deadbeat, a loser and no good for anyone. Or so I’ve been told.’

Ryan retires from the army after the death of his mother, settling down again in his home town and his new life as a cop. Still single, his heart has always belonged to the one man he wasn’t able to keep. As the reunion gets closer Ryan searches for his man’s name as the list of attendees grows…

'It’s there…Nico Angeles. He’s coming, he’s coming home!'

Will they be able to forget the past or has the last ten years apart been too long?

Warning: Contains explicit hot gay sex and strong language.

Intended for audiences over 18 years of age.

ARC received from the Author in exchange for an honest review

Do you love hot, sexy men? Well, this is the book for you!

Ryan has been left by Nico, the boy he loved, with a broken heart and without an explanation. Ryan joined the Army and then went back to his home town to be a cop. After 10 years, when the The Ten Year Reunion brings Nico to town again, everything changes.

"My heart has always belonged to one man and one man only. The man I've just seen for the first time in ten long years."
Nico is welcomed back with a brutal assault and Ryan is his savior. Now they have a second chance. The secrets of their past are going to be revealed and they can finally be free to love each other again.

But sometimes the past is lurking, ready to cover the future with its shadows.
Will Ryan and Nico be strong enough to face the shadows of their past?

"Let me take away any bad memories, let us make new ones."
To discover what will happen to these two sexy men I have to wait the next book.
In this book there isn’t only great sex. It’s also a book about rejection, friendship, loyalty and love.
Nico has been rejected by his own parents because he’s gay. What? Ok, I’m a mother of two teenagers boys, I can understand the uncomfortable feeling to know your son is gay, the worry about his future in a society that won’t never be ready and open to accept “diversity” in any form. But to kick him to the curb? And then blame him to be the reason for his father suicide? This should not happen, ever. A teenager will be forever devastated and ruined by this action. This is the age where they need to be supported and guided, even if we, as parents, don’t agree with their choices. And when the worst happens, and you are alone, bad choices could be made. Nico has found a guardian angel (Franco) that helps him to find his peace of mind. But I'm thinking at all the young boys that are not so lucky and spent their lives feeling unworthy to be loved.

"I had a great home life; my parents were kind and loving so nothing prepared me for their reaction. How could they love me one minute then deny and reject me the next? I shake off the thought. I have tried not to look back, even when looking ahead has been hard and dark many a time."
Ryan hopes to find something good joining the Army. And he finds friends, that become like brothers. The Army, the War, forms unbreakable bonds that survive also to death.  

I liked how Ryan and Nico are ready to face their past and painful secrets to build something strong to share together. Love and a new life together.

"We have both fought battles and demons and we are stronger men for it. Together and apart."  
And I hated Palmer (Ryan and Nico ex classmate) and his "gang". They are adults but still like teenagers bullies. Bad attitude and habits are hard to die!
Even if I found the writing not well refined, I gave the book 5 stars because I loved Ryan and Nico together. They're hot and the sexy scenes are to die for.
Warning:  book self-combustion can happen!

And the storyline has a great potential. The end of the book with a cliff-hanger is not so bad, this means that I will read more Ryan and Nico in the future.
JJ Harper is definitely my “new author discovery” of this year.
P.S. for the author: JJ I’d like to see a picture of Nico’s tattoo!

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  1. Even though I'm not a mother I totally understand what you mean. Conditional love has no place inside a family. That's the whole idea of family to me. I used to think that having a gay kid is a cause for worry, it's a shame because the kid will have a tough life in the future, but now I don't think it matters WHAT the difference people find in someone it could be exploited and so I think generally it's hard in our society to be different and yet it's somehow gets easier.