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REVIEW: Maggie's Marriage by Gloria Hermmann

TITLE: Maggie's Marriage

AUTHOR: Gloria Hermmann

SERIES: The Coverleaf Series Book #2

PUBLICATION: January 5th 2016 by Limitless Publishing LLC 


 Marriage is hard work, but no one ever told Maggie it would be this hard…

How did life end up so completely turned upside down? When Maggie Tremblye took her vows more than six years ago, she didn’t anticipate becoming just a wife, just a mother, and no longer…Maggie.

It’s impossible to cling to the bit of self-identity you have left when you’re someone’s everything…

Meeting and falling in love with Michael Trembley, a young and handsome attorney, was the easy part. Moving away from her family, raising their six-year-old daughter almost singlehandedly, and learning she is now pregnant again is an entirely a different story. All she wants to do is retreat back home to Birch Valley and her loud and loving family, the O’Briens. So when Maggie hits her breaking point, she takes their daughter and reluctantly leaves Michael to his endless hours at the office.

To be on top, you have to make sacrifices…

Michael Trembley wants to be the best—the best corporate defense attorney, the best son, dad, and husband—but he falls short in the last two on his list of priorities. Now his perfect world is anything but. The distance from his family is a major wakeup call, but what is he willing to sacrifice to make it right?

The journey of life is full of twists and turns. Will Maggie and Michael survive this bump in the road, or will their perfect idea of a family fall completely apart?

 ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Welcome back to Birch Valley, the place where nothing is perfect, but love conquer all!
What I really liked about this book is that the story and the characters feels real, and it's easy to relate to. 
Maggie's married to Michael, a sexy and rich lawyer who wants to become a partner in his law-firm. They have a lovely daughter Melanie and everything seems perfect. But Micheal's long hours at the office, leave Maggie alone. She starts feeling trapped, lonely and homesick. She is sad, she fears that her marriage is at its end. To clear her mind and find support she, along with her daughter, seeks refuge back in Birch Valley, back to her family. Maggie could be seen as a coward, but i think that it takes courage instead. Taking distance from an unconfortable situation sometimes helps to give it the right perspective.

Micheal of course is not happy, but he's so involved in his job that he doesn't understand how he's hurting his family. Not since two negative events will force him to face his future life and save his marriage (by the way, he's hot!)

An everyday story where feellings and characters are like in real life. This book is about family and marriage values: support, communication, sacrifice, compromise and love.  
Around this story we find again the O'Brien Family. I love each member! Always supportive, but also unbiased. Mary, Maggie's mother, is not happy about her daughter's decision to leave Seattle and her husband. 
I loved how the author gives attention to all the characters, old and new. And we find again Liam and Rachel. In this book we see how their relationship is working (rememeber: as in real life all that glitters ain't gold!). We see again Chelsea, Rachel's bestfriend, spoiled and unpleasant at her best! And what to say about Rachel's mother? Unsupportive and avid. I'm happy Rachel is so far away from her.
But the moments I liked the most were the scenes where I have a glimpse about Patrick's past and his interaction with his family. If the next book is about him, it's will be a really great book. Patrick has a lot to tell about him and his life. 
I like Gloria's style writing romance, so simple, engaging and enjoyable. I love how she shows the readers always a positive and bright side to sad and unconfortble situations.
I can't wait to read her next book!


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  1. This one sounds AWESOME, I love how real it sounds and the fact it focuses on something different than our usual "go to" romance novels in which everything is new. Yeah, marriage is hard work and I think in romance it's mostly focused on the beginning, but there is so much more after. It reminds me of "Covet" by Tracey Gravis-Graves. I loved that book by her and "On the Island" as well, but nothing else after that really wowed me.