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REVIEW: Line of Scrimmage by Desiree Holt

TITLE: Line Of Scrimmage

AUTHOR: Desiree Holt

SERIES: Game On #2

PUBLICATION: Published December 8th 2015 by Lyrical Shine


Sometimes it’s not about winning…

One bad tackle. That’s all it took to put wide receiver Jake Russell in a cast for the rest of the NFL season. From being a high school all-star to getting drafted by the Austin Mustangs, football has been Jake’s life for as long as he can remember. It’s what defines him—because he has a secret he never shares. But now that he’s laid up in bed with a nurse displaying a lot of distracting bedside manners, he’s discovering life on the sidelines might have its perks. . .

One last paycheck. That’s all Erin Bass has left to her name when the resort she works at shuts down. Desperate, she agrees to be a caregiver to hardass jock Jake Russell, who also happens to be a memorable one-night stand. Before long, caring leads to daring new ways to catch up in bed, especially with Jake still in a cast. But with football on the sidelines, this time the game is serious. . .

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I loved this book more than the first one in the series. I connected with the characters from the beginning.

Erin Bass is a woman that doesn't trust professional athletes, being betrayed by one of them has left a deep scar in her heart.

Jake Russell is a NFL football player with a painful past and a low self-esteem as a man. He thinks to be nothing without football.
Without football, who was he? Football is who I am. Without it I'm just nobody. Worthless. Even less than that. It Was a lesson he'd learned in his childhood and he'd never forgotten it.

After a failing one-night stand and Jake's bad injury, Ivy, Jake's sister and Erin's best friend, plays matchmaker. Jake needs a full time assistance and Erin is desperately looking for a job. And what a perfect job than to assist Jake? Ivy's plan is going to cover both issues.

Being together 24h it's not easy. The chemistry between Erin and Jake is undeniable, and it's not something that goes away. The attraction is always there, each day growing more intense.

But they have built a line of scrimmage in their lives that seems impossible to overcome. Open up to each other, confess their feelings and their past is quite a mission impossible. That cause some friction and incomprehension. It takes tolerance and trust to build a strong relationship, they have to move past their lines of scrimmage to find the love they deserve.
It was like an imaginary line of scrimmage was drawn between them, the line players could not cross until the ball was snapped. He was on one side, Erin on the other, and no one was calling the plays. 

Erin is a bit stubborn, she thinks too much and has a sassy mouth, but I loved how she takes care of Jake and kicks his ass when he needs it. Because Jake is really a jerk when he wallows in self-pity, thinking he is the only one in the world to suffer from a bad injury or a painful past.  
And yet I loved how they deal with their problems and really try their best for their relationship to work.

Desiree Holt for sure knows how to write sex scenes! I don't want to spoiler, but I say only one word: DREAMS... WET DREAMS!
The story is engaging and enjoyable. This is a series I'm going to follow up.

Great Cover!


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  1. sounds great!I gotta say, my first reaction wasn't very positive, I've read the first book in "Game On" series by another author and wasn't very impressed (okay, I was annoyed and I DNFed it ;)) so I had to check it's not what I thought it was..