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REVIEW: Winter's Harbor by Aurora Rey

TITLE: Winter's Harbor

AUTHOR: Aurora Rey

PUBLICATION:November 10th 2015 by Bold Strokes Books

GENRE: Contemporary F/F Romance

MY RATE:  4 STARS ****

Lia Brooks has a broken heart and a burning desire to escape New York City. She decides Provincetown is the perfect winter escape to find some peace and regroup. Alex McKinnon is the pastry chef and proprietor of The Flour Pot Café in the heart of Provincetown. She loves owning her own business and the easy, no-strings-attached relationships that come with living in a gay tourist mecca.

When Lia appears in the café, the attraction is immediate. The passion between them promises more than a casual affair, but it’s never that simple. Women from Alex’s past pop up at the most inopportune times. Then there’s Lia’s ex, who brokers deals for a living and is unaccustomed to losing. Will Alex and Lia be able to overcome the roadblocks and find a happily ever after?

 I received this book from NetGGalley in exchange of an honest review

This author and me have a "first" in common: she is at her debut novel, for me this was my fisrt F/F reading. And I really loved it!

The storyline is nothing special. Lia is escaping from New York after the end of a long relationship and Provincetown seems the right place where to lick her wounds, quiet after the summer rush. Alex is a great pastry chef, she owns a café in town, she loves her job and she's not looking for long-terms relationships. But when Lia enters for the first time Alex's café the attraction is istantaneous. Through indecisons and fears, they will have their happy ending. The storyline unfolds without dramatic turns of events, and sometimes some scenes seem just the same. The book is not boring neither too much captivating. The characters are likebale and the writing is fluid.

I was afraid to find the sex scenes odd or uncomfortable, instead I've found them sweet and a little bit suacy to make them engaging.

But what makes this books great is the surrounding: Provincetown. I visited this little town during my trip in the USA in 2011. An old woman at the turist office information in Plymouth told me I shouldn't miss to visit Cape Cod and Provincetown. I was travelling with my husband and my two sons and this little town facing the ocean was a surprise. A great experience, here we breathed freedom, equality and all the people were so friendly.

I would have given the book 3 stars but I gave 4 just for all the good memories it evoked.

I think this is a good debut novel.

I'd recommend it to all the readers who want to approach F/F books.

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  1. I've read just one short FF novella and I can't say I liked it but I attribute it to the writing and not to the actual fact it was FF. I wanted to try a FF novel/la for a while now but I never got the chance. I gotta say that though I enjoyed your review I don't think I'll like it. Doesn't sound engaging enough or I don't know, original in any way. Providence DOES look beautiful though :)