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REVIEW: Scattered Ashes by Annie Anderson

TITLE: Scattered Ashes

AUTHOR: Annie Anderson

PUBLICATION: October 27th 2015

GENRE: Paranormal Romance



Aurelia Constantine is having a rough century.
Plagued by visions of murder, death and destruction, she has resigned herself to the nightmare her life has become. When an enemy from her past comes to her rescue, she must let go of old wounds and heal the breach so she may survive the evil poisoning her mind.

Rhys Stevens is guilty.
Murder. Betrayal. Treason. Take your pick; he’s guilty of them all. On the path of redemption, he must beg for forgiveness from the one person he fought to save - the woman he has always loved.

Thrown together in the trenches of war, they must work as a team to stop a monstrous puppet master from pulling their strings.

Ashes, ashes. We all fall down.
Get ready to burn.

**ARC Copy received in exchange for an honest review**

Lately I’ve not read a lot of paranormal romances so I had no idea what to expect from this  book. But turning the first pages  I saw the word “phoenix” and I knew I’d be hooked. The phoenix has always been a creature that fascinated me, a creature that rises from its ashes. For me the symbol of how to live my life:  fight, accept the defeat, but always be able to rise over and over again. 
At the beginning the story was a little bit confusing to me. I had some issue following the characters and I often got back to the glossary. Phoenix, Wraiths, Guardians, Revenant, Oracle…
Aurelia is hiding from her enemy trying to escape her fate.
Rhys is her guardian and the one who killed Aurelia husband and her unborn child.She hated Rhys for ages, century. Rhys has been always in love with her.
When the war against Iva, their worst enemy, begins, Aurelia and Rhys find their way toward love, redemption and forgiveness.
Aurelia is a strong woman and  very stubborn, I loved her loyalty and that in her relationships, good or bad, she gives heart and soul.
Rhys at the beginning seems to the bad boy, the enemy, but when I’ve found out the reasons of his actions, I changed my mind. He’s loyal, sweet and hot, so so hot.

"Why what? Why save you? Because I've loved you since I was twelve years old, and you told your mother you'd rather eat a pinecone than wear a corset. I loved you when you didn't love me. I loved you when you were married to someone else. I loved you when you were pregnant with another man's child. And I loved you even when you hated me. I loved you before we were bound...and I love you still." - Rhys
The author gives voice to a secret world full of darkness, secrets, action, hate, betrayal. And love, friendship, courage, loyalty, redemption, forgiveness. 
Well written, the story flows very fast with actions and surprises.  At the last page I realized how much I’ve missed reading Paranormal Romance. Thanks Annie to have kicked me again in this wonderful world! 
An amazing ride till the end where I find out that this book will has a sequel…I’m ready!

My tattoo...because inside of me I feel like Aurelia

"I took those horrible scars and turned them into something better. My tattoos made something ugly and twisted pretty again. Just like my soul, every prick of the needle healed my flesh, took what was dirty and made it new again. I am better than I was before. I am stronger."

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  1. I was more into paranormal/fantasy as a kid and also as a grown up, now more PNR and yet as I read more and more "regular" romance I tend to put the PNR aside more often, there are too many out there that are using the animalistic vibe or whatever to form relationships that are totally unrealistic. I want to read PNR but I want at least the relationship buildup to be true to "us" mere humans.. :) I have a feeling this one would be a good one on that aspect. I'll add it but god knows when I'll actually get around to reading it ;)

    Love you tattoo! I have 6 and I love them all!:) actually I want 3 more but time will tell when I'll get around to doing then.