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NEW RELEASE: Ryker by S. Reynolds

TITLE: Ryker

AUTHOR: S. Reynolds

Series: Special Operations Command #3

Due to language and sexual content, this book is intended for readers of the age 18+ 

When Ryker Donovan received a text message from an old military buddy, he didn't think twice about going to help. Him and his team had always taken pride in the 'No man left behind' code. 
He didn't know he was heading straight into a hunting ground. 

Sabra Browning was sent to investigate the killing of animals in Arizona, but she never suspected it was for sport. 
Now, they are hunting humans. Not just any humans, her. 

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Ryker grabbed his pack and set it on the bed. He pulled out a clean pair of boxers and his sweat pants that he had gotten out of his truck. Good thing he still had clean clothes.
“I need my bag.” Sabra stood up and looked out of the window again. Ryker wondered if she was looking for the cats or the guys who wanted to hunt her.
“Where is your car?” He would have Daegon to get it.
“Down by the store where I bought the ammo.”
“I’ll have someone get it for you.” He started to pull out his cell.
“I can go and get it by myself. I don’t need you holding my hand.”
He understood her frustration, but he wouldn’t let her out of his sight. All it would take is one of those guys spotting her and she would be gone.
“I have an extra t-shirt you can sleep in. We can get your car in the morning and then you can change clothes.” He pulled out another shirt and tossed it on the bed.
Sabra smiled slowly. “I still need panties. Do you have any of those in your bag?”
Ryker smirked. Her feisty side was growing on him. “I have an extra pair of boxers. I could cut them up to look like thongs.”
“Lacy red?” She actually had a straight face when she asked.
He busted out laughing and doubled over. When he started coughing, he sat down on the bed and tried to catch his breath.
“Fine, I’ll wear your man boxers. Go and shower so you can get your wound cleaned up.”
She didn’t have to say it twice, Ryker rose up off of the bed and walked into the bathroom. Before he shut the door, he looked back at her. “Don’t try and sneak out of here.”
“Wouldn’t think of it.” Her smile gave her away.
He left the door cracked and got undressed. Every part of his body was screaming. He turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot before he turned on some cold water and set the temperature right.
He stepped under the water, let it beat against his back and took a deep breath, he just wanted to sleep. He grabbed the soap and washed his body. The hot water and soap burned like a bitch when it hit his wound through the bandage, but it needed to be cleaned.
Ryker heard a thump and paused. “Sabra?”
At least she hadn’t left. He quickly finished, turned the water off and stepped out. He grabbed a towel and dried off but he didn’t see his clothes. He had left them sitting on the bed. "Damn."
He heard the television clicked on. He wrapped the towel around his waist and looked at his stomach in the mirror. His wound was red and raw, but at least there wasn't any puss. That would mean infection. And he needed a new bandage.
He opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. Sabra was sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Um." She clear her throat. "You forgot your clothes."
"You could have brought them to me." He walked over and picked up his boxers.
"Didn't want to disturb you." When she licked her lips, his dick got hard. Not a good time, buddy.
He grabbed his boxers off of the bed and started to remove the towel. If she was waiting for a show, he would give her one.
“I'm going to go and…um, shower now." She headed into the bathroom still staring at him. He really wished he had the energy. He dropped his towel and heard her clear her throat.
"Um...." Sabra was standing in the bathroom doorway with her mouth hanging open.
He couldn't help but smirk. She always had something smart to say. Now she was speechless.
"Did you forget something?" He wasn't about to cover up. That meant bending down to pick up the towel and he didn't know if he had the energy for that.
Sabra walked across the floor to him, got on her tip toes, grabbed his face and kissed him.
He was a little surprised. It wasn't something he was expecting. Her lips were soft and he could still smell her soap from the bath in the river. He slid his hand under her hair and took control of the kiss.
She opened up to him, her hands traveled down his chest and around his back.
He could feel her torso pressing against his dick and couldn't help but press back. He needed some relief. Just as he thought that, she pulled away and stepped back.
"I need shampoo." She held her fingers up to her lips.
He was too stunned and too damned turned on to say anything.
"Okay, you don't have much hair so you probably don't have any. I'll just. ..." She turned, walked into the bathroom and shut the door.
He stood there butt ass naked and hard as a brick. When the water started, Ryker sat down on the bed. He ran his hand over his face and laid back. He didn't need this shit. He needed to stay focused on the mission and let it go. But his body was saying something completely different.


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  1. hehe loved the excerpt! I"m not sure I like the general idea of the book though.. sounds.. I don't know.. scary in a way I'm not sure I want to explore?