sabato 4 luglio 2015

NEW RELEASE: Loving Redemption by S.M. Striker

TITLE: Loving Redemption

AUTHOR: S.M. Striker

SERIES: A Story Of Second Chances #2

PUBLICATION: July 2nd 2015 Entice by Booktrope

Never having a family to call his own Toby Mitchell was a child caught up in the foster system, always being shuffled from one home to the next. It wasn't until he was old enough to join the Marines, that he found a home. While on a mission in Afghanistan, he sustained a job ending injury that forced him out of the only family he knew. He would have spiraled out of control if it hadn't been for Beckett, an acquaintance he had met several years prior.

Raven Whitehorse, raised without a mother had always felt that there was a conspiracy behind her mother's disappearance. Running away from home at sixteen to try to find her; the search hits a dead end. After landing a job at a new software company, she meets the owner of a security company that her new boss has hired.

Toby wants to put closure to his childhood sets out to find his mother; the drug addicted woman that didn't care enough about her child to seek the help she needed. He senses that without this, he can't push forward in a relationship with Raven.

Raven needs to find her mother to see if the rumors were true, and what happen the day she disappeared. Was she the scared teen that couldn’t handle the pressures of new motherhood, was she blackmailed to leave, or worse?

What secrets will they find, and how will that affect each other?

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  1. sounds quite gloomy yet interesting. Have you read the first one in the series?
    BTW - I think it would be a good idea to either add Tags with the author's name or a search box. I was trying to see if you've reviewed the first one and had to check all your previous reviews, while you don't have THAT much, a month from now it would be more problematic ;)

  2. My dear, Author tags. This is a really great idea! Thanks! When I opened the blog I thought to add the onde by author, but I'm not good on this kind of things and did not know how to do it. But author Tag will work as well. I'm going to add author Tag!!!!

    1. hehe glad to help :) you can also add a tag list and CHOOSE which ones you want to show so you can make a tag list of the authors. I did that with a drop down list but it took me a LONG time to discover how to do it. a regular list would do though :)

  3. A drop down list is what I'd like to do. But I don't know how to do also a simple Tag list :-( I need to work on it as soon as I'm Back home with my pc

  4. a simply tag list is no problem at all! I drop down is something you need to play with the HTML..