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REVIEW - Stolen Innocence by S.M. Stryker

TITLE: Stolen Innocence
AUTHOR: S.M. Striker
PUBLISHED:  May 4th 2015 by Entice by Booktrope
(first published September 2nd 2014) 


What would you do? What would you do if the woman that you love, the woman you just made love to, the woman that trusts no one with her secret, just told you her deepest darkest secret? A secret full of demons, a secret that would be anyone else's nightmare. One that never in a million years would you have guessed. Now what would you do if you came face to face with that nightmare, the demons, the devil himself? What would you do to protect the woman that you never expected to take such a hold of you heart? What would you do? Would you let her walk away to save yourself or would you die for her? What would you do?

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE NOVEL. Due to strong language and sexual content & sex abuse, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Parker Dane is only 13 when her mother dies. Now her only family is her adoptive father, Hank. But the only man that should protect and love her, starts abusing her sexually. For five years she lives in hell, scared, alone and with no one that believe her. For five years she endures not only a physical abuse, but also a psychological pressure. She’s so ashamed of herself that she thinks that is normal, that every father is like Hank. But deep in her heart she knows that this is wrong and when she turned 18, she run away from home, looking for a new life in Portland. 
 "I glance at myself in the mirror. I wonder: can anyone see the secrets that I hold so deep inside? Can they see I am broken?" - Parker
In Portland she falls literally in the arms of Ian, a young attractive man. For Ian it’s love at first sight, for Parker it’s a confusing feeling.
Ian knows that Parker is facing some inner demons, that she’s keeping a secret she doesn’t want to tell. Ian is ready to love and protect her, but once the secret is out, the consequences are nightmarish. But the love between Parker and Ian is stronger than any adversity, their love is the key to heal and the second chance to live.  
"Parker, meeting you was fate, and becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you is something I had no control over. I love you Parker." - Ian
The debut of S.M. Stryker. This book is well written even if in some passages you can feel the immaturity of a first book that in some way is transferred to the characters. I felt this immaturity in some dialogues, or the way Ian fall in love so fast, or the way Parker surrends herself so easily to Ian, despite years of abuse. In the complex the book is very good, emotional, a book that doesn’t leave the reader unresponsive. The sexual child abuse is a serious subject, like a taboo, something to sweep under the rug. I admired the courage of this author to write about it, it’s not easy even more when your write your very first book. The story is not centered on the child abuse, but on the hope for everyone that, no matter what happened, out there is someone waiting to love you unconditionally, and love is the key to heal. 
"Ian was right; it does get better. I know that my scars will heal. I might forget about them with time but they are permanent, and I will have to learn how to live with them. Am I going to let them rule my life or am I going to learn how to live my life? Through all of this, I learned I am a fighter. I will no longer be a victim." - Parker

Shelly (SM) married her husband 28 years ago. It was important to her to be able to stay at home to raise their four daughters. 
She wasn't an avid reader, but picked up a book a few years back and it made her re-think about writing, more as a healing process than anything else. She always knew her life would make a good story...or soap opera but finding or making the time to write was always the issue. 
Deciding not to put it off any longer, in 2014 she emailed a few of her favorite authors that gave her some very good advice; and in April of 2014, she finally sat down one day in front of her computer and started to write. Through lots of tears, she wrote her first book that had a large part of her life in the story, that book was Stolen Innocence; her second book was about her husband childhood, Never Forgotten Love.
Now she finds that she has to write, even if it gets re-written, this is her outlet, her sanctuary, and in every book she writes,  there is always part of her life written into it. 

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  1. This sound a very hard read yet a good one. I used to read more dramatic books, less romance but as I kept on reading I found myself reaching for light read romance than those. I just went through my list for 2015 to see what I can do about the two by Katy as well as a few others I really wanted to had to my list so I can't possible schedule this one. I have too many as it is! But I want to read it. I really do. I'm also hoping I'll be forgiving for this one being a debut.

  2. Child Abuse is a hard and painful subject, but belive me, this book is all about HOPE!

    1. A good thing :) I read a while ago a book about abuse, though different since the MC was older. It's called "Don't Make Me Beautiful" by Elle Casey