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REVIEW: Breaking Up With Barrett by Katy Regnery

TITLE: Breaking Up With Barrett

AUTHOR: Katy Regnery

SERIES: The English Brothers #1 - The Blueberry Lane Series

PUBLICATION: May 15th 2015 by Katharine Gilliam Regnery

(first published June 21st 2014)

 MY RATING: ***** 5 STARS  

Breaking Up with Barrett is the first of six books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are all on the look-out for love.

(Except Alex. He's a womanizing manwhore. And maybe Stratton, because he's wicked hot, but super awkward around girls.)

Barrett English, aka "the Shark," is the fair-haired, first-born of the English brothers, and the CEO of the oldest, most prestigious investment banking firm in Philadelphia. He rules the boardroom with an iron fist, refusing to take no for an answer and always getting his way.

Emily Edwards, a first-year doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, grew up in the gatehouse on the outskirts of Barrett's childhood estate. The daughter of his family's gardener and housekeeper, she was always looking through the window of privilege, but forced to remember her place at the very periphery of the kingdom.

When business partners suggest that a fiancee might soften Barrett's image over business dinners, he approaches Emily for the "job" of fiancee. And while love wasn't necessarily on Barrett's radar, he begins to realize that Emily always has been. But will his take-no-prisoners boardroom tactics work on the heart of the woman he loves.


Breaking Up with Barrett, The English Brothers, Book #1
Falling for Fitz, The English Brothers, Book #2
Anyone but Alex, The English Brothers, Book #3
Seduced by Stratton, The English Brothers, Book #4
Wild about Weston, The English Brothers, Book #5
Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers, Book #6

Emily Edwards and Barrett English have known each other forever. They grew up together despite their different “social class”. Barrett is the son of one of the most wealthy and powerful family in Philadelphia. Emily is the daughter of the gardener and the housekeeper, her family works for the English family from generations.
Barrett “The Shark” English is now a well-known and successful businessman, Emily is a college girl attracted to him since she was a child.
"What was it about Barrett that had always made her heart thump faster and her eyes widen with longing?"
When Barrett asks her to work for him, she accepts without hesitation. She can’t miss the opportunity to play the role of Barrett fiancée at his business dinners, earn some extra money and stay close to the man she thinks to be unreachable. Yet Emily is sure that behind the wall of the severe businessman is hiding a different man, able to have feelings.
Their “agreement” works for some months, until Emily realizes that her feelings for Barrett are not only sexual attraction, but something much deeper. Emily decides to break up the deal with Barrett, before being left heartbroken.
Barrett, that always gets what he wants, thinks that a fake fiancée could help him to appear less severe and less "The Shark" to his business partners eyes. Emily Edwards is the only one he trusts to play this role.
"It was all true. Just having her beside him made him invincible. If she was next to him, he couldn't lose. He couldn't."
But for Barrett this “agreement” holds unexpected surprises. The more they spend time together, the more the feelings for Emily become deeper, and his heart wishes and hopes for something different, for a real relationship.T
The moment Emily decides to break up the deal, Barrett  knows to be at a crossroad in his life.  Is he able to love and be a businessman at the same time?
"I have always loved you. You were a tiny baby and I was a little boy and you reached into my chest and stole my heart, and it's been yours ever since. You're home and sweetness and truth and brilliance and you're sexy and teasing and the most fun I ever had. And if you want to know what's real, here's the most elemental truth I know: You're the love of my life, Emily Edwards." - Barrett
This first book in the series introduces the first English brother: Barrett. Rich, fascinating, successful, but too much harsh. Not a leaf stirs but Garrett wills it, he gets always what he wants in his private life and in business.
Emily grew up in the English family like a daughter. I loved her character as she’s smart, sweet, beautiful and independent. She’s the only one who is able understand and to touch Barrett’s heart, she’s able to see the real man under the business suit. And when Barrett loosen up he’s adorable!
The book is not very long, and in the narration the other brothers are introduced, but the story is always focused on Emily and Barrett relationship. Sexual tension and hot scenes aren't missing. Romance, drama and passion are balanced to perfection. Finished too early .
The author has a fluent writing, never boring. Having read many other books of Katy Regnery, I can say that every book is a surprise, always manages to set off the spark. And it is almost impossible not to fall in love immediately with the English brothers. Are you curious about the next brother?

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  1. I remember we talked about this one. I added it to my list but I'll schedule it after I read the other series we talked about. I just downloaded this one from Amazon though since it's free :)