sabato 27 giugno 2015

COMING SOON: Lawless by Tracey Ward

TITLE: Lawless

AUTHOR: Tracey Ward

Expected publication: July 8th 2015 

Lawson Daniel is good at a lot of things. He can show you the best places to surf, the perfect time of day to ride the tide. He knows the best bars, the best bands, he has the best weed, and if you’re looking to get laid, he’ll show you the best time.

No girl in her right mind should speak to him. She definitely shouldn’t have sex with him, and only a blind, self-loathing idiot would fall in love with him.

I’ve done all three.

All in the span of one sweltering, suffering summer that nearly cost me everything down to the blood in my body and the beat of my heart.

No one walked away from that season unscathed.

Not even Lawson Daniel.

Check out the first three chapters of
Lawless before it's released!
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  1. Nope. Not really sure why but it doesn't hold an appeal. Some books I feel as though I'm too old to read.. or rather enjoy reading ;)